Friday, September 7, 2007

Why "Deathstar"?

What does the Galactic Empire's Deathstar have to do with tying a digital camera to a balloon and floating it to 100,000 feet to take some cool pictures? Well to be honest with you....absolutely nothing. Alli came up with "Wolfpack Amateur Radio Photo Experiment" but WARPE doesn't sound nearly as cool as WARPED so we started brainstorming for a word that begins with D that we could somehow relate to cameras or balloons or amateur radio or space. Alli came up with Deathstar (can you detect a theme here with Dale and Daniel's lack of creativity?) and so "Wolfpack Amateur Radio Photo Experimental Deathstar" it is. BTW did you know that Warpe "is a municipality in the district of Nienburg, in Lower Saxony, Germany"? At least that is Wikipedia's take on Warpe.

I feel like I should mention that this is my very first post in a blog ever!! I read blogs on Trail Journals and I frequently check out Dave Samuels' blog but I never got around to participating in a blog until now. Don't you feel special knowing you've read my first blog entry?

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