Friday, September 28, 2007

Another cool balloon project

I stumbled across the blog for GeoCam the other day. These guys are working on a project to photograph a large geographic area following a natural disaster (think New Orleans the day after Hurricane Katrina). The logic is that it can take several days to reposition a satellite to photograph the disaster zone so why not use a high altitude balloon with a digital camera to do the job ASAP.

They have developed a mechanical device to twist and tilt the camera so they can photograph a wider area than if they only snapped photos with the camera pointed straight down. The pictures are then stitched together to form one larger picture like so:

It seems like a good idea. Hopefully they are able to get the kinks worked out before the next big hurricane hits.


Igor said...

Hello Daniel,

We put the results of our stitching here:

FYI, we used a Canon S3 IS and had the 12 x optical full on.

Good luck to your project,


Anonymous said...

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