Monday, September 17, 2007

3 for 3 on ham radio licenses

All three of us passed our ham radio license test on Saturday morning!! I was sitting next to Alli when I heard the test administrator whisper to her "congrats, you only missed two" so I just guessed "C" for all remaining questions on my test. We only needed one of us to pass anyway and I really had to pee so I figured why not :)

We have to wait for our names to show up in the FCC database before we are officially licensed. That's supposed to take about two weeks so it isn't the most efficient process in the world. Once that happens we'll be able to begin testing our GPS and the little radio that transmits the GPS coordinates over radio. In the meantime we're going to start working on some sort of payload box to hold the camera, radio, etc. That's all for now...

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Norman said...

Congrats to all three of you from the TEARA VE Team! This Tarheel will be waiting to see if Wolves reall do know how to fly... : )