Friday, August 8, 2008

AGW Packet Engine setup

When we met the other night we tried to test all of the different components that we'll need to do our launch. One of the things we need to be able to do is receive the balloon's GPS transmission on a laptop to plot its location on a map. To do this we use a Radio Shack scanner to pickup the transmission and connect the scanner's audio output to the microphone input on the laptop. Next we use a program on the laptop called "AGE Packet Engine" to convert the audio input to digital APRS packets.

Now this was all working back in November when we were set to launch but for some reason it was no longer working. After about about 90 minutes of fighting this program I finally noticed a blurb in the instructions that said "If all else fails, delete the port*.ini files and the agwpe.ini file in the AGWPE directory". That did the trick!! :) The instructions for this program are at Now that this is working we can plot the balloon's location with another program called "AGW Tracker". AGWPE and AGW Tracker are both free and are available at Here are the settings that we ended up using for AGWPE:


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