Thursday, March 27, 2008

The winds are getting better...finally

I've been running the Balloon Track program a few times a month since mid-November and this week is the first time I've seen a projected landing site that isn't in the Atlantic :) Balloon Track is still showing an estimated launch-to-landing distance of 142 miles though. That seems like a long way to try to keep up with a balloon when driving on random roads and through lots of small towns. Maybe our balloon will be very cooperative and stay directly over I-40 the whole way :) If this ends up being as good as the winds get then we'll have to think about having a launch crew in Asheboro and a chase crew somewhere East of I-95.

We'll keep checking the projected flight path and hopefully we'll be able to do a launch sometime in April or May.

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Norman said...

Alli and the Team,

This is your friendly VE checking back in to see how you guys are coming on the balloon project. Glad to see that you are close to getting off the ground!

By the way, we have an updated version of the Technician study guides at: